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Born in Brooklyn, New York, Moody Holiday has a loving husband, two active sons and enjoys a full time career in children's advocacy. She is a popular fitness instructor who enjoys cycling with her Labradoodle, Diesel.

Moody's pen name was created to enhance the quality of her artistic and literary expression through photography, poetry and fiction writing. 

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Wild Innocence

    The arms of an aggressive narcotics cop won't hold her down for long... Meet Shanelle, love struck and on the run from her drug addicted brother who is hell bent on seeing her dead. Quickly fleeing into the streets, Shanelle struggles with her sexual temptations between two men as her brother's need to get high compromises her safety during a federal drug investigation. Just when Shanelle finds a perfect path, self doubt leads her into the arms of a deadly secret.

    Climb on board as Holiday spins a delicate web of deception, seduction and rebellion, leaving readers routing for Shanelle's happiness.

Secrets: Portia's Story

    Meet Dr. William Davidson; a prominent pediatrician, a beautiful daughter and an alcoholic wife. When his daughter Portia is born, she is alert and robust with a solid chance. Frail and weak, her fraternal twin looks like the genetic link to William's defective, booze ridden wife. With an eye towards perfection, Dr. Davidson looks the other way and raises Portia as his only daughter.

    Pity the child named Portia. In time, three earth shattering secrets occur in the Davidson family; a missing baby, a dead man in a hotel room and a false allegation of rape captured on video tape. While the man in Portia's life is on the go as a federal marshall, Portia's at play with a high profile accountant with a knack for spotting new athletic talent. When Portia is forced to do community service at a girl's group home, wealth and oppression collide in one climatic secret. 

No Ordinary Love

    Daddy's little girl is all grown up and someone is going to pay. All good secrets must come to an end; especially for Dr. William Davidson. After a vicious gang assault disfigures his beautiful daughter Portia, William faces the grueling task of departing from his seasoned medical career to repair his family's tormented past. William's first challenge is his mistress Tiffany.

    Fearing future retribution, Tiffany forms a friendly alliance with Portia's twin sister Selena to protect herself from William's cruel and unforgiving ways. As a web of hatred and lust evolves from Justin, Portia's ex-lover, Selena learns that the origins of her biology is a bold face lie. Convincingly, Portia plans a life of happiness with Malik and her long lost daughter Nina. 

Three Days in Bed

    Sins of a father lie in between the sheets with the release of Moody Holiday's highly anticipated book, Three Days in Bed. Meet Tiffany Jones, a suburban mom hiding from an elusive criminal past. With little control over her children and disabled lover, a desperate act of revenge forces Tiffany out of hiding. Hot on her trail is a handsome federal marshal, struggling to protect his fragile wife and inquisitive daughter who mistakenly stumbles upon a dirty secret from her mother's deviant past.         

    Just when the table is about to turn, another branch of the family tree snaps, allowing Justin, the son of William Davidson, to stake his claim as the of head his wayward family.

The Black Divorce

    Meet Jasmine, a bride to be in the arms of another man as the church bells toll for her demise. While the love struck groom awaits, Jasmine's five year old daughter's life takes a terrifying turn at the cruel hands of a neglectful mother. Hiding behind the shadows of a loveless marriage, Jasmine's affair spirals out of control leaving her no choice but to abandon the black jewel that is her love child.       

    All grown up, Jasmine's daughter Beverly rises to the rank as a top assistant county prosecutor recently resigned to a life of wealth and privilege. Green with envy, Jasmine is linked to a heinous murder and quickly elicits her daughter's legal love and support. With a contemporary wedding quickly approaching, the question remains, will there be a black divorce?

Mister Know It All

    Meet Darex Jackson, a successful business man juggling the demands of a jealous wife and flirty client. Darex must keep a well-guarded secret when he is recruited to investigate the criminal activities of Bishop, a wealthy pharmacy owner.

    In a shocking twist of fate, both men fall victim to life altering tragedies. To ease the pain, Darex buries himself into his investigation, while Bishop finds a human pawn for payback. When Darex discovers the core of Bishop's dirty deeds, only one man is left standing.


Wild Innocence

This book is definately one to purchase! From the characters, to the story line, to the ending; all of it kept me wanting more. It was original, yet still had that connection to real life and real world situations. It had just the right amount of comedy intertwined with the drama that unfolds in the story. This was an exceptional story told in an exceptional way. I can't wait to read the other books by this author. Very well written!

Amazon Review by HauteMess Cosmetics

No Ordinary Love

Not only was this no ordinary love but it was definitely no ordinary book. Moody has done it once again. She has created characters and events we as faithful followers will never for get. If you have not read this book or Moody's other novels, they are all must reads. We are very interested to see where her next book will lead us. I for one, can not wait.

Amazon Review by Hassana DS

The Black Divorce

Moody Holiday is one of the most imaginative, talented writers I have come across in my career. She not only has a way of telling a story, she tackles issues that have been taboo with grace. Her books are not just a good read, they're fire!

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and NY Times best selling author, Karen Hunter

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