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Excerpt from Wild Innocence

The Encounter

St. James Prep, 1980. A cold crisp smell in the air was a
sign to many New Jersey natives that it was going to snow. I
didn't care how much snow fell that night. Nothing could
keep me from seeing Derrick play basketball. Besides, I lived a
stone's throw away from St. James and I was going to lie to my
parents no matter how late I stayed out.

My mounting love and affection for Derrick didn't need
Cupid's arrow. He's the type of brother any woman would drop
her panty for upon sight. His ancestral legacy commanded hair
as fine as silk from the Blackfoot Indian Tribe. If Derrick stood
up in church and proclaimed that he had Indian in his family, I
would have stood up and shouted, "Amen!"

His cocoa brown skin glistened with life unfettered by
stress or acne. He stood long and lean at six feet tall and weighed
two hundred and fifteen pounds. His upper thighs were chiseled
to perfection and his muscular calves ruggedly supported his six
pack stomach and sculpted chest. When he smiled, I instantly
held my breath to contain his masculine energy. The release
leaves me fulfilled like the air at the dawn of a new day. My heart
is pumping right now just thinking about him, but that's how he
makes me feel when I'm around him, girly, giddy and sexy.

Excerpt from Sweet Redemption


I locked the door behind him as the sound of Alex’s
whistling disappeared through the secondary entrance. My
need for him forced me to the window to watch him leave
the complex. Alex took his grand walk of fame by waving
to the neighbors and joking about the weather. He looked so
happy getting into his car and yes, so incredibly handsome.
The tips of my fingers adjusted the blinds for the right shade
of sunlight through the window. My other hand stroked the
places that Alex aroused. As he pulled out of the complex, I
walked away from the window and stared at our apartment.
The warmth of his touch was still with me as goose bumps
rose upon my skin. I thought to myself, “Three challenges
face me today.
” One was more complex than the next. The
first was preparing a love-induced afternoon with Alex
during his lunch hour. That was easy to prepare for
including fresh fruit, scented oils, one of his undershirts tied
into a midriff and black see through panties. The second
assignment was easy. With Alex by my side, my
engagement ring and Alex’s assertiveness would take over
and leave me in a relaxed frame of mind. I was comfortable
in his mother’s house and hoped she would prepare a
nice meal for everyone to enjoy. Thinking of the third task
made me uneasy. My stomach began to twist and turn in a
tug of war as I rubbed my belly with my bare hands. The
return home to Crescent Avenue in North Orange was an
outcome I could not ignore or predict. “Shit,” was my first
response. “Damn you Steven,” was my second, as I rested
my fingertips on my temples.

The pleasure of Alex’s touch left my body as soft
murmurs began. I began to press deeper into my temples
and looked around. Among the quiet walls and hollow
doors, my world felt occupied by demons and voices, some
strange, others were as witty as Richard Pryor. I did not
want to know them, but they escaped and found a way to
find me in my new world with Alex. Time could only
contemplate their intentions.

Excerpt from Love's Twilight


The swell and temperament in the projects settled
in three days after Rico got a message back to his crew
that he was treated kindly and eating well. A few loyalists
threw a pity party just to help Rico with his legal fees.
Three hundred and thirty three dollars didn't put a dent in
his bill, but he appreciated the urban act of kindness.
Rico sat in jail cool and collected despite his
sixteen count federal indictment. After a momentary
pause, he spit in the corner of the hallway, slicked his
curly damp hair back with his hands and picked up the pay
“Yo Flaco, get in touch with my sister and tell her
she owes me one. I need info on Foster. I could fuck with
Nick, but I’m gonna need him for now, I know he still
wants in. We need to send him a warning that he’s still our
bitch. In the mean time, I’ll fuck up another good ‘ole boy
on the take.”
Rico was pissed off that an eleven month operation
got by him without any word from Nick. A payback was
the only way Rico could put Nick on notice that his turn
was next if he didn’t cooperate in the future. He could
have easily killed Nick, but he always had valuable
information for Rico, including new spots in other parts of
North Orange that were open and accessible to drug
trafficking. Rico definitely wanted revenge, but Nick was
too valuable.

Excerpt from Secrets: Portia's Story

Where's Portia?

Malik made several calls to Portia’s house during
the daytime hours. He heard about Portia’s incident through
Dominique, but she remained hesitant and tight lipped.
“Look Malik, I swear I love you to death but I’m
staying out of it. You gotta remember the stuff she’s been
through and figure out whether you want to be with her or
not. Deep down inside, Portia would give you her last
breath.” Dominique switched the phone to her other ear and
said, “Hmph, I’ll tell you one thing Hatch, don’t think
you’re gonna keep her like some genie in a bottle while you
prance around the country roundin’ up fugitives. She
deserves a life.” Malik couldn’t respond. So much of Dominique’s
sentiment was his own, but he wasn’t willing to put his
career on hold. Malik flashed his badge to a custom’s agent
and walked through the terminal at Miami International
Airport with a confident stride. The sights and colors
around him were the same for Portia and Justin as their cab
headed to their hotel destination.
Justin placed his hand on Portia’s knee and said,
“Do you realize this is our first getaway?”
An empty bottled water twirled in her hand as she
smiled. “Let’s try to get along, shall we? Sex is one thing,
but seventy-two hours, I don’t know.”

Justin pouted his lips again for sympathy. “Give me
a chance Portia, besides, I think I want to have a few drinks
and just cuddle tonight.”

“Cuddle?” Portia asked, “I thought you booked
adjoining rooms, you know I like to sleep alone.”
“I did,” Justin replied. “Whenever you’re ready, I’ll
carry you back to bed and tuck you in.”
The cabbie pulled up in front of their hotel as bell
hops stood poised to escort them to the front desk. Portia
looked around at the evening hustle and bustle as the night
air sent a chill over her. Justin stepped back to let them
attend to his bags. He took off his jacket and draped it
around her shoulders.
“C’mon lady, let me get you inside,” he said.
At the front desk, Portia and Justin’s room
assignment became undone.
“Yes sir, I understand, there was an oversight. What
we can do is provide you with a full suite.”
Portia curled the side of her lip with a slick smile.
“Miss, Mr. Porter had this planned all along. We’ll
Justin exposed his delicious dimple and nudged
Portia with his arm, “You’re such a good sport.”
When Portia turned to leave, Justin passed her an
envelope with a wink. The bright eyed receptionist winked
back and slipped it in her pocket.
Once upstairs, Justin immediately got to work with
his client date book. He called his partner in crime and filled
him in on the details.
“Yeah, I’m gonna send a limo to pick him up. Did
you call his mother again? Good. This kid is hungry for
anything; a diamond watch, lobster dinner or a piece of ass.
I’m going to set him up tonight with an appetizer and let the
night sweep him without commercial interruption. By next
week, he’ll be yours.”
Portia walked out of the bathroom dripping wet with
a towel wrapped around her waist. An exhibitionist at best,
she was comfortable in Justin’s presence whenever business
was afloat.
“Hey gorgeous, we’ve got reservations at six. I hope
you brought the sexiest dress in town.”
Portia walked up to him while he continued to take
notes. Justin paused and kissed her damp skin with an
“Wow, you smell good, He’s going to love that.”
“What about you?” Portia asked.
Justin stood up, kissed her forehead and said, “I love
everything about you.”
The hotel phone rang in the distance. Justin walked
over and picked it up with a smile.
“Hey baby, I’m so glad you called.” He winked at
Portia and sat down. Portia giggled as she straddled his lap
to listen to pathetic Selena. As water dripped from the ends
of her hair, Justin covered the mouth piece and shared the
conversation with Portia.
“How was your flight honey?” Selena asked.
“Smooth, what have you been up to?”
Selena sighed and said, “I feel so silly saying this
but I wish I was there with you Justin.”
Portia held her head back and used her finger to gag
herself for comic relief.
The base in Justin’s voice got deeper. One thing that
did turn him on about Selena was the sound of her voice
over the phone. Portia sat up and took notice. He batted his
eyelashes and began to kick some flavor.
“Tell me something Selena, what would you do to
me if you were here?”
Portia smiled and ran her tongue across her lips as
she looked down at Justin’s crotch. With a freak on his lap
and an innocent damsel on the other line, things
were beginning to heat up.
Selena’s rapture began as she laid across her bed
looking at a Vogue magazine.
“Well what would you want me to do?” she asked in
a coy voice.
Deep in the swell of his throat, Justin serenaded his
wish as he laid back on the bed with Portia at his sculpted
“Something dirty, from my good girl,” Justin said.
Selena belted out a breathless giggle like the
hereditary trait passed down from Sylvia.
“But Justin, I’m a virgin,” Selena purred.
“I know baby but...,”
Justin’s pause came from immediate fulfillment.
Portia’s wrapped her mouth around the head of his penis
and sent a chill throughout his entire body. Her thumbs
pressed into his balls to heighten the intensity.
“Oh Selena,” Justin said in a deep voice, “I like a
good girl but what else would you do?”
“Hmm,” Selena said, “Kiss you long and hard, or
maybe stroke your chest with my long fingers. You like that
when we cuddle.”
Justin swallowed and bit his lower lip. The divine
Miss Portia in one hollow suck took his balls into her mouth
and rolled them around with her tongue. Justin’s hips began
to rock to and fro. Portia grabbed his lifeline and stroked
him up and down as he continued.
“Yes, cuddle me Selena, I like that.”
Selena turned the page of her magazine and flipped
over on her back. She slipped her hand down her panties
and spread her juices around in delight.
“Justin, I’m so wet for you right now, it’s like silk,
imported silk.”
Portia looked up at Justin as her own imported silk
slid onto his shaft and forced him into a moan.
“Damn baby, that sounds soooo good.” His eyes met
Portia’s with a rich, beautiful smile.
Selena swirled her hand around and became
overcome with delight at her boyfriend’s excitement. She
begged of him one request.
“Say my name Justin, I miss you so much.”
Justin held the phone and looked at Portia as she
held her titties in her hand and mimicked a rodeo ride.
Focused on his needs and wants, Justin bowed out in
reverse, “No baby, you say my name, this is my fantasy
Justin winked at Portia as she continued her slow
and steady pace while Selena’s fingertips danced a circle
around herself into a full orgasm. Justin let the phone rest
on it’s side while Selena began to come in spurts, “Justin,
oh Justin, Justin, Justin...”
With both hands on Portia’s hips, Justin pumped her
up and down as Portia’s face began to strain. Justin grabbed
the phone and said, “Baby, take a nap, I’ll call you later, I
love you.”
Barely through her sentence, Justin hung up on
Selena and placed Portia on her back. He entered her with a
tight clasp to both hands and whispered in her ears.
“You drive me crazy Portia.”
“Say my name Justin,” Portia replied.
Her legs shot into the air as Justin released her grip
and grabbed her face.
“Portia, Portia, Portia,” he begged.
Portia wrapped her legs around Justin’s back and
supported his stride in a rhythmic motion. His size began to
triple inside of her as their tongues mixed in a desperate
race to come in unison.
Justin turned his face away and let out a war cry as
shots fired into his heavy duty condom. Portia grabbed his
tight ass and spanked him in between his thunderous jerks.
Her nails drove into his back as she began to shake on the
inside out with quiet tremors. In one final heap, Justin
grabbed her hands again and said, “There is no way I’m
letting you go.”
Portia started to laugh from the surprise of his
comment and the revelation of Justin versus Malik. As she
began to catch her breath, Portia smacked Justin’s forehead
with a wet kiss and said, “Tell that to Malik.”
Justin rolled over on his back and laughed out loud.
“Why yes, Malik, the only thing that can come between us.”
Portia the quick wit said, “Oh no my dear, Miss
Selena just “came” between us a few minutes ago, did you
Justin burst into laughter coupled with a high five as
he headed for the shower. “Good one Portia, good one.”
Justin headed to the restaurant ahead of Portia to
meet his client. A limo picked her up and dropped her off at
the famous New Orleans jazz and supper club in the heart
of Mardi Gras. As usual Portia’s hour glass shape and
seductive charm hushed over the crowd as she entered in a
silver masquerade mask. Justin’s young client gawked with
an open mouth with dry air inside. Justin stood up to receive
her by extending his arm out. The young athlete followed
Portia’s crimson frame as she settled in her seat. Justin
immediately poured wine into her glass and led the
“I took the liberty of ordering.”
Portia’s head turned to the left in silence as her foot
slipped out of her strapless shoe and settled in the crotch of
Justin’s pants.
“Thank you,” Portia replied. She looked at the
young athlete and extended her hand.
“Would you like to dance?” she asked as a four
piece quartet mellowed the crowd for light dining.
“Uh, sure..., uh you don’t mind man?”
Justin waved them off with a hand, “Of course not
brotha’, it’s your night, enjoy.”
The two of them slipped onto the dance floor as
Justin watched Portia’s luxurious ass sway to the evening
rhythms. Justin smiled to himself and made last minute
arrangements with the friendly hotel receptionist.
“Hey sweetheart, everything is ready. When you’re
done, slip the hotel key under our door. Have fun, he’s a big
Justin ordered another room as Portia suspected but
it was reserved for his client. The hotel receptionist was the
icing on the cake while Portia stirred up his arousals on the
dance floor.
“Justin will take care of everything, no problem.
You’ll never have to worry about your family’s finances
again,” Portia stated.
The young hopeful leaned into Portia’s ear and said,
“There’s something about you, take your mask off.”
Portia shook her head in denial. “Maybe later, we’ll
The evening ended without a hitch. Justin’s
adjoining room became a small cocktail party as the pretty
hotel receptionist turned into a seductress. She flirted with
Portia all night and Portia obliged with light thigh touching
and fingertip compliments along her bustline. After a few
drinks, Mr. Power Forward was ready for freaknick. Justin
and his future client sat back in a lounge chair and watched
as Portia stripped the other girl down to her black sheer
panties. With the twirl of Justin’s finger, she paraded in
circles as the athlete nodded in approval. Portia waited until
she stood still before she took a taste. Her nipples were too
perfect to resist. Justin laughed as he watched Portia gobble
them up in her mouth like a champion and then let go with
two quick pecks. Having had his fill, Justin stood up and led
Portia to the adjoining door. He threw his business card on
the bed and looked back with one final comment, “Check
out by eleven Marcus, goodnight.”
Portia and Justin headed through the door in
laughter. Justin smacked Portia on the ass and said,
“You were quite the performer in there. I guess Shakespeare
was right about the world being a stage.”
Portia removed her mask and threw it on the red
satin sheets Justin ordered for the night. A ripe strawberry
went into her mouth as she held her ear to the wall. The
sound barrier between them reduced the noises next door to
a hollow moan. As her teeth sunk into its juicy ripeness
Portia looked at Justin and said, “Your fee just went up.”

Excerpt from No Ordinary Love: Selena's Revenge

Gang Night

On the evening of the vicious attack against Portia
Davidson, a full moon possessed the night and sought
refuge in a ruthless female gang called the Diamonettes.
Determined to settle a series of paybacks, they launched a
bloody assault against human targets throughout Essex
County, New Jersey. Portia, the first intended victim of their
heinous desires, lay beaten and battered in an intensive care
unit courtesy of a family vendetta. As the violent threesome
peeled further away from the crime scene in a stolen car
with Maryland plates, hunger and adrenaline ripped through
Lady Dee, the leader of the gang’s west coast unit.
“Yo Tank, make a right on South Orange Avenue
and take me to Fongs,” she said, as her nostrils flared like
an angry bull. Lady Dee rubbed her big belly with the palm
of her hand to calm the deep growl struggling for freedom
in her heaving stomach.
Tank wiped her upper lip to rid herself of Portia’s
splattered blood. She looked at the back of her hand and
snarled, “Like I know where the hell Fongs is!”
Tank smelled her wrist and grimaced instantly under
hot breath.
“Damn, that bitch had some heavy ass perfume on,
I can’t get her off me.” She turned the corner and looked at
Lady Dee through the rearview mirror for feedback.
“Just chill Tank,” Lady Dee replied, “You did good
yokin’ up brown sugar like that, but I don’t wanna talk
about it until I get some food.”
Lady Dee sat up and gripped her dirt filled
fingernails into the driver’s headrest. A quick point offered
direction and settled Tank’s criminal confusion.
“Turn here and take it to Bergen,” Lady Dee said, as
she wiped her nose twice and smeared the residue on her
shirt. Seated to Lady Dee’s right was an accomplice with
wide fearful eyes. Sixteen years of virginity cradled her frail
body. She was poetically dubbed, “Shorty,” a nick-name
bestowed upon new recruits.
Shorty’s right leg bounced while she cradled her
face to view the moon’s glorious splendor. Lady Dee
commanded her attention by shoving her hand in between
Shorty’s thin thighs. Lady Dee leaned in with a question.
“You ‘aight?”
Agitated and annoyed at Lady Dee’s brazen
behavior, Shorty quickly looked down, grabbed Lady Dee’s
wrist and yanked her hand out. She sucked her teeth with a
fierce attitude to conceal her deep rooted worry.
“Yeah, I’m straight,” Shorty said, with poked out
lips to compliment her pissy, outward attitude.
Undaunted by her response, Lady Dee leaned back,
laughed and mushed Shorty’s head with little concern. She
offered a perspective on gang warfare as the swift moving
vehicle dodged in and out of traffic and sped through a red
“Shit, back in my day it used to be worse. We had
to roll in the back of cars wit’ guns, pipes, honey laced with
acid and dudes doin’ us day and night.”
Lady Dee rolled her eyes and looked at the moon as
an afterthought popped up.
“New chicks like y’all got it easy. So just sit back
and chill Shorty. You ain’t gotta worry about me tappin’ yo
ass. The fellas gonna come at cha’ real hard tonight, so get
dat poon poon ready.”
Shorty pulled at her bottom lip like an abandoned
child in a school parking lot. Her eyes shifted back and forth
in desperation. “Too late to turn back,” she worried.
The female crew arrived at Fongs and entered the
oily establishment in blood splattered tee shirts and two-day
funky stretch jeans. Once inside, Lady Dee placed her order
and gained energy from the smell of fried chicken wings.
She smacked her fist into her hand and began to talk junk.
“One skank hoe down, foe’ moe’ to go.”
She laughed to herself as the other two stood back
out of respect. Just behind the counter, a Korean cook
shifted a spider plant on top of the refrigerator and grabbed
a cooking instrument. He looked at Lady Dee and focused
on her small talk. His strange curiosity caught her attention.
“What the hell is you lookin’ at nosy ass?” Lady Dee
questioned defiantly.
His eyes quickly diverted back to the wok as steam
rose to the ceiling with the sound of hissing snakes ready for
slaughter. Lady Dee proceeded to spit on the floor, but held
back. She snorted and said, “I bet the town of Maplewood
is on fire tonight y’all! I jacked up Portia with a nice slice
to her face. I gotta call my peeps and let ‘em know it’s
She watched the chicken wings go into the wax
paper bag and said, “Yo, hurry up wit’ my shit, I’m hungry.”
Lady Dee walked up to the counter and threw a
crumpled twenty dollar bill down. Unknown to her, a tiny
wire draped along the spider plant hid a small camera as the
cook appeared out front with a cigarette dangling from his
moist lips. He watched the threesome climb into their car
and whispered into the collar of his shirt, “Maryland plate,
Roger, Mary, Sam, 2, 4, 4.”
The latest law enforcement initiatives placed state
and federal undercover agents in the grimiest spots to target
gang warfare, narcotics, distribution and illegal gambling.
The picturesque blood on Lady Dee’s shirt as she entered
the greasy joint was a dead giveaway.
Lady Dee wolfed down her food without a care in
the world as Tank drove back to Quitman Street. The car
came to a screeching halt as they stopped in front of four
dudes in black sweat suits. Lady Dee leaned over Shorty
and unlocked the door with specific instructions. She
sucked her greasy pinky finger clean and pointed towards
the fellas.
“This is part two for you Shorty. Give ‘em what they
want and don’t act up. I’ll pick you up in the mornin’ and
take you shoppin’ downtown.”
A quick tear trickled down Shorty’s face as her
black Classic Reebok stepped in a puddle of murky rain
water. The tallest dude gave her a quick nod to follow him
as they headed back to his apartment. Shorty turned her
head and considered running, but the risk was too great.
One of them handed her a joint and gruffed, “Here Shorty,
take that hit, you gonna need it tonight.”
Pleased at the sight of Shorty’s quiet disposition,
they laughed with predatorial desire under the cloak of the



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