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Three Days in Bed
Sins of a father lie in between the sheets

Meet Tiffany Jones, a suburban mom hiding from her criminal past. With little control over her children and disabled lover William, a desperate act of revenge forces Tiffany into the street to pay back her debts. Hot on her trail is a handsome federal marshal, struggling to protect his fragile wife and inquisitive daughter who mistakenly stumbles upon a dirty secret from her mother’s deviant past. Just when the table is about to turn, a delicate branch of the family tree snaps, allowing William’s son to stake his claim as the head of his fledging family.



No Ordinary Love: Selena's Revenge
Daddy's little girl is all grown up and someone is going to pay…

All good secrets must come to an end; especially for Dr. William Davidson. After a vicious gang assault disfigures his beautiful daughter Portia, William faces the grueling task of departing from his seasoned medical career to repair his family's tormented past.

William's first challenge is his mistress Tiffany. Following an unannounced trip to Florida, William alters her life by wiping out Tiffany's material possessions and placing her in seclusion. Fearing future retribution, Tiffany forms a friendly alliance with Portia's twin sister Selena to protect herself from William's cruel and unforgiving ways. As a web of envy and lust evolves from Justin, Portia's ex-lover, Selena learns that the origin of her biology is a bold face lie.

Convincingly, Portia plans a life of happiness with Malik and her long lost daughter Nina. She also resumes her volunteer work with Angel Flight; a dysfunctional group home for wayward girls. Portia instantly reconnects with wild child Scuba as they find a common element in their shattered pasts from the pages of Portia's sex-filled diary.

As happiness slowly begins to evolve for William's family, Selena's determination for truth backfires with deadly results.


Secrets: Portia's Story
Meet Dr. William Davidson, a prominent pediatrician, a beautiful daughter and an alcoholic wife.

When Portia was born, she was alert and robust with a solid chance. Frail and weak, her fraternal twin looked like the genetic link to William's defective wife. With an eye towards perfection, he looked the other way and raised Portia as his only daughter.

Pity the child named Portia. In time, three earth shattering secrets unfold; a missing baby, a dead man in a hotel room and a false allegation of rape captured on video tape. While the man in Portia's life is on the go as a US Federal Marshall, Portia's at play with a high profile accountant with a knack for spotting new athletic talent. When Portia is ordered to do community service at a girl's group home, wealth and oppression collide in one climatic secret.


Wild Innocence, A Tale from the Eighties
Wild Innocence depicts the suburban escapades of Shanelle, a sexually charged virgin in love with a gifted prep student named Derrick, who is destined to become a doctor. Nestled on a quiet tree lined street, Shanelle’s domestic life is antagonized by her drug-addicted brother Steven, who belittles her dignity with death threats and mental humiliation during the peak of her sexual identity.

While Shanelle battles weight, popularity and self-esteem, deep family secrets shared among Shanelle’s codependent parents ignites Steven’s addiction into a horrific psychotic rage. Against his own will, Steven is committed to a mental institution for treatment. After a successful escape, Shanelle becomes the target of his deadly obsession, which forces her into the street. A temporary respite with Derrick and a brief encounter with a handsome stranger forces Shanelle to face life on her own terms with the support of her best friend. In a twist of fate, Shanelle is reintroduced to Alex, the alluring stranger from her past who is also a rookie police officer with seductive intentions.

In a rich, climatic ending, Shanelle settles into a life of continuity and protection as Alex penetrates Shanelle’s emotional constitution into womanhood. Without any regard for Alex’s past life, Shanelle accepts a pear shaped diamond engagement ring, leaving audiences wondering what will happen to Shanelle, Alex and the ever present Steven.


Sweet Redemption, The Sequel
Sweet Redemption is the sequel to Wild Innocence, A Tale from the Eighties. Shanelle finds herself embraced in the comfort of her lover and fiancé Alex Foster. As she tries to escape the secrets of her past, Alex has a deadly secret tucked away in a grave.

In her quest to find independence and happiness, Shanelle slowly submits to Alex's controlling world of love, lust and seclusion. In the end, Alex prevails with the sweetest redemption of all, his son.

Love's Twilight, The Finale
Love's Twilight is the climatic ending to Moody Holiday's three part trilogy, Wild Innocence, a Tale from the Eighties and Sweet Redemption.

Love, seduction and murder finds Shanelle gripped with confusion and doubt as a brief encounter with Derrick tests her devotion to Alex. While Shanelle begins to doubt Alex's integrity as a police officer, Rico orders a ruthless "hit" for the narcotics and weapons seizure at the Garvey Projects. Shanelle's life quickly unravels as a childhood truth is revealed, leaving her no choice but to stand tall and finally embrace self love.


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