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Wild Innocence

Sweet Redemption

Love's Twilight

Portia's Story

Wild Innocence

Two Fathers

One Father known only till three,
taking credit for biology.
Passing down a gift to write,
symbolically blind, now having sight.

New Father came in at the age of three,
reconstructed my biology.
Organized my thoughts for this thing called life,
strong and articulate through systems and strife.
Rejected the notions of "it's a man's world."
Standing tall and statuesque, no longer a girl.

Dear Father I thank you for endless integrity,
scripting pen to paper I finally see.
I write from two sets of biology,
one bearing life and one setting me free.

I love you Daddy.

Sweet Redemption

Sweet Redemption

Sweet Redemption,
dark of night.
Secret whispers,
life takes flight.
Surrender to sin,
bury the past.
A predator's corpse,
a winding path.
Serene in beauty,
majestic in awe.
Audible whispers,
a fatal flaw.

The sweetest baby born for him.
Cinnamon savior, handsome as sin.
Sweeps the fair maiden,
sweet redemption begins...

Love's Twilight

Love's Twilight

I searched the sky before twilight,
at times to no avail.
In an ocean breeze,
a bullet's wrath,
pierced a bittersweet fairy tale.

Thoughts of you seeped through me
like the sand in an hourglass.
It settled on auburn leaves
and surrendered among the grass.

Nothing among this earth can
replace your everlasting love.
I caress your sweet redemption
as you gaze from heaven above.

Whisper to me Alex,
before twilight,
I await your call.
I see you among the horizon,
as summer anguishes into fall.

Hope rises with the dawn,
life moves along,
two feet planted strong.

Fate spirals into destiny
With him is where I belong...

Portia's Story

Daddy's Little Girl

Of all the little girls born in the world,
Portia was one of contrite.
A marriage arranged,
a drunken refrain,
dysfunction embellished in fright.

Tap, piano, Jack and Jill,
Pretty and poised, perfectly still.
A hollow shell, a mother's will.
Pity the child named Portia
Secrets best untold...
Innocence in the eyes of child
time will tell what a woman beholds...


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